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Personalized or Heart-crafted Ceremonies?

I am curious: any difference to you? Hmmm, the question may well be splitting hairs in a world with much bigger topics. Yet this idea is very close to my core. I assist my clients in creating and leading one-of-a-kind, never seen before or to be seen again ceremonies. So my services are beyond personalized, but what is just the right descriptor?

This week I tried the nifty ‘Question’ feature on my Sweetgrass Facebook page. I asked what the phrase ‘personalized ceremony’ means to friends. I was hoping they’d help me dig a little deeper. (And I’ve now found my favorite FB feature!) So far I’ve heard back with an honest and fabulous range of thoughts:

“For me, words are not enough to make something personalized. Honestly, I don’t find that human vocabulary can truly bring something to the realm of touching or personal. I find that seeing the emotions/faces/gestures of my close friends and family truly make any experience personal.” ~ Ashley

“My (our) story, beliefs, values, culture and aspirations are reflected throughout the whole ceremony.” ~ Monica

“Created with heart – with and for me – with understanding of my story.” ~ So far, this captures the winning number of votes!


I find this pleasantly revealing, because I’ve been leaning toward the phrase ‘heart-crafted’ to describe my ceremonies more clearly. Why? Well, personalized makes me cringe a wee bit. I’ve employed it before and not felt quite right with it. The ceremonies I co-create with people are more than personalized, more than custom-tailored; more than these familiar adjectives, because my ceremonies genuinely arise from my heart.

Whether a Baby Blessing, Wedding or Memorial – it is a real, relevant and meaningful experience for my clients and their guests.

The ways that I imagine, compose and lead a ceremony all reflect my lifetime of curiosity, observations, reading, listening and emotional learning . . . all of which somehow mixes in a magical alchemy with the stories of the unique people I serve.

So for now at least, I’ll happily be heart-crafting ceremonies in the Old Pueblo.

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