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Vow Renewals in Tucson

Will you celebrate a significant anniversary anytime soon? Have you thought about a vow renewal ceremony? Well maybe this couple will inspire you: meet Meredith and Justin. They celebrated their Ten Year Anniversary with a surprise Vow Renewal late this summer. They planned a relaxed getaway weekend (sans kids) to celebrate, at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, located northwest of Tucson. Meredith added the surprise element of a Vow Renewal Ceremony by enlisting me and some other supporting characters. Did we ever have a BLAST! So many little surprises happened along the way. I love it when the simplest ceremonies hold the most whimsical moments. This is a celebration I will always remember.

Prior to the big day, Meredith answered a few questions for me via phone and email. I composed a brief and poignantly custom ceremony to honor their ten years of marriage in chapters, acknowledging how their marriage already involved living on a few different continents and creating a family. I arrived the day of to be greeted by the ever professional and pleasant Ritz staff, ready to set up the outdoor space and make it special. I helped sprinkle a rose petal pathway to a grassy area where the couple’s last initial was set out in rose petals. While we set up, a woman sitting on a patio nearby asked if we were holding a ceremony. I half-jokingly responded, “Yes – how would you like to participate?” And to my huge delight she said, “Well I can sing!” And man, she really meant it. Meredith’s close friend and photographer concurred this would be a great surprise for BOTH Meredith and Justin. Keep in mind, Meredith planned what was happening yet Justin had no clue. He just thought they were getting a tour of the spa and facilities!

Once the couple of honor came through the gate into the area where we all waited, a staff member entered the scene with a tray carrying champagne flutes and a bouquet (the flutes were engraved with their names and the date). At this moment, Justin got the drift. Then came the tears and laughter! Just when he began to figure out what was happening, our jazz vocalist Julianne began singing, “Love makes me treat you the way I do, gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You” — presenting Meredith with her chance to be totally surprised. More happy tears . . .

With the song complete, we all moved to the intimate ceremony area with lush desert surrounding us. It was a quiet evening after a summer storm. So delicious! During the ceremony I spoke a few words about their ongoing Love Story and the chapters they had already written together. The couple spoke promises of renewal to each other privately, then I came back to stand with them and lead their ring exchange, while they repeated these phrases after me and placed their rings upon each others’ fingers anew:

With this ring,

I choose you again Justin/Meredith,

And renew my commitment to you,

For all the days

we are gifted to share.

Just after the ring exchange, a Javelina went running right behind us through the desert! (Another totally unscripted and way fun surprise.) And then they kissed to renew their promises of love! Congratulations, Meredith and Justin. Thank you for inviting me into this special occasion in your lives. I’d love to be with you when you celebrate your 20th Anniversary!

Sunset over the Desert, after the Vow Renewal






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  1. Meredith #

    Thanks for making our special day even better! You were such a joy to work with!!!!! Hope to see you again soon:)

    October 27, 2012

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