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Obtaining your Marriage License

Okay, this almost seems silly in its simplicity! Yet I’ve realized I’ve sent this information out so many times in emails, it may be helpful to instead offer couples a nice pretty post.

In this great big state of Arizona there are many counties and scenic landscapes in which to hold a ceremony. The custom ceremonies I write and perform are mostly held in Pima, Santa Cruz or Cochise Counties. If you are planning a destination wedding in say Tubac or Bisbee, you may still obtain your license at the Pima County Clerks Office and then hold the wedding at your selected venue, outside of the county. Regardless of the county where you register the marriage or where the ceremony is held, I always submit the lower portion of the Record of Marriage for you.

The couples with whom I work primarily obtain their license to marry from Pima County, thus the resources I’ll share here:Pima County Courthouse, Tucson, Arizona (4)

The Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court is where you may obtain a license and here is the good information on ‘how’ and ‘when’ to do so. Here is a map for where to go.

The Office is even open late Monday through Friday, for couples juggling 8 to 5 workdays. Nice of the Clerk, eh? And the Clerk’s Window is located in the Superior Court, just a block south of this historic courthouse building. ( A little known secret, you can park under the courthouse and take an elevator right up to the Superior court ground entrance. This is where I always park when I visit.)

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  1. Great and simple info! Thanks for all you do…

    November 20, 2012
    • Simple posts are sometimes the most helpful. Thanks for being here, Lucia.

      November 20, 2012

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