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Beyond your basic ‘Wedding March’

Every once in a while, personal experience flows into my well of creative ideas for ceremonies. For instance: simply going to a concert. Yes, I do oodles of fun research and reading from myriad sources. I am also surrounded by an ever-growing ‘tribe’ of helpful and talented Life-Cycle Celebrants across the world. And often couples will send me newly delicious links or ideas, too. 🙂

What I’m sharing now is a tad more simple and mundane than all this good stuff.

Last night I went to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in concert. (Yes, they are way FUN to see live!) And it reminded me of how a couple I married last fall chose the song ‘Home’ (by this band) for their processional music. I loved it and got all choked up walking into the eden-like ceremonial space. The theme we wove throughout the ceremony was ‘coming home’ to each others’ hearts with thanksgiving. Soooo, the song fit the ceremony, the couple and the setting (a ranch along the Santa Cruz River) extremely well.

Since ‘Home’ has gained popularity, I’ve included it below, just in case you haven’t heard it yet. I’ve also included another song I think I might love even more. Especially for a ceremony with a theme of constant love. It is a sweet little acoustic song by Edward Sharpe called ‘Simplest Love’. It could be really fitting for and entrance into or prelude during a relaxed and meaningful wedding. The lyrics go:

This is a song for my simplest love

A simple song for a simplest love
Her eyes are green, her hair is brown
This is a song for my simplest love

A constant song for a constant love
No difficult chords, easy to play
A simple song for a simplest love

And here is ‘Home’ so you can give it a listen (sorry no video available!):