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Love wine? You’ll love this wedding.

Sometimes, by way of a Couple’s Reflection process, a custom unity ritual will emerge through stories or shared passions they describe to me. Other times, it is clear from the beginning what kind of unity ritual will add depth to the ceremony. And this was the case with an entirely wine-themed wedding I had the joy to be a part of last fall.

0200Ryan and Kylee chose the warm and inviting atmosphere of Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch and Resort for their wedding. It is one of those special places in Tucson, where upon arriving you feel a relaxing sense of “ahhhh, I’m home.” The people are so welcoming and the outdoor and indoor spaces are all comfortable, with just the right presence of southwestern touches. Nothing feels ostentatious or over done.

Because this travel loving and adventurous couple enjoys learning about and sharing wines together, they chose to have a wine motif throughout their celebration. Naturally, their unity ritual involved drinking wine, too! Here is a fun glimpse into what it looked like (thanks to Chris Richards Photography), along with a little excerpt from their ceremony included below.


Blending Wine in a Unity Ritual

Blending Wine in a Unity Ritual

Here’s how I worded the passage that went with this ritual:

“One facet of marriage is to achieve a blending of hearts and lives, while still recognizing and nurturing the individual growth of the other. Through this awareness, you build a robust marriage while you respect the life and spirit of each individual. A wine sharing ritual represents this blending in a symbolic way.

 Kylee, you’ve chosen a white sweet wine, to symbolize the bright and lightly joyful experiences in life; tempered with the humility and honesty of knowing life isn’t always perfect. Ryan, you’ve chosen a full-bodied red wine, to symbolize the care and deep work of marriage; tempered with the reality of the hardships that may occur when living life to the fullest. Your glasses are full and ready for you to enjoy, just as your hearts are full on this day. Go ahead and sip individually from your glass. After you’ve done this, please pour your wines into this third glass – to make a symbolic blend.

 (They sip from their own glass, before pouring into third glass to make a blend.) Before you drink your blended wine, let’s look at what you’ve created!

 (Groom holds up the blend for guests to see while Kristine explains . . .)

 You’ve combined your wines into a beautiful Rose, an emblematic blending of your hearts and lives; the joy and the work, into a delicious combination. Please each take a long sip from this blended glass now, knowing as you do, we wish for your joys to become more intense and your burdens lighter, because you will experience all of these together.

 (Couple takes turn sipping the blend they made.)

I’ll always remember the way the light came through the Palo Verde trees and made the wine glow, along with Ryan and Kylee’s faces. They totally beamed love to each other! These kind of moments are definitely what make life worth living. So vivid, true and heartfelt! Congratulations to you Mr. and Mrs. Blue. I hope you continue to enjoy sharing wines and the adventures of marriage for many, many years to come! Thanks for having me be a part of your meaningful autumn celebration.



With gratitude,


Boutique Bridal Fair at Hacienda del Sol

Are you planning a wedding or any celebration of love in the near future? If so, please visit this special event hosted by Tucson Bride & Groom Magazine and the friendly staff at Hacienda del Sol on Sunday September 22nd – yes THIS Sunday! Come tell us about about your wedding visions in a relaxed setting, take a tour of the Hacienda’s event spaces, nosh on delectable goodies, drink cool beverages, hear fun music and enjoy yourself:

What: Hacienda del Sol and Tucson Bride & Groom’s 2nd annual Boutique Wedding Fair

Where: Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch & Resort

When: 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Who: Fabulously talented and professional Tucson wedding vendors like Miray and Josh of Duo Vibrato; Meagan Crain of M.C. Events; Lyn Sims of Lyn Sims Photography; Andy DePew of Satyr Entertainment; Jaynie Rossi of Ambrosia of Tucson, and more!

Why: Because if you want to create a meaningful, memorable and unique wedding experience you and your guests will rave about, these are amongst the most creative people you’ll find in Tucson to create your collaboratively powerful wedding professional team!


Winter Weddings in Tucson

In the desert, winter weddings are attractive for many reasons – both indoors and outdoors. In Tucson especially, we enjoy mild temperatures with gorgeous skies and often dramatic afternoon sunsets. While I’m hearing from many couples who are currently planning their winter or early spring weddings,  I thought showcasing  a real wedding from last January would be a timely and inspirational post!

Upon our first meeting, I felt completely smitten with this couple and their extremely loving and natural presence with each other. Amidst the beauty of these photos from uber talented photographer Amanda Rockafellow, I’ll add a few highlights from the ceremony we co-created.


The ceremony and reception were both held at historic Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch & Resort, in the courtyard. (We had a tent, just in case wind and rain entered the picture.) You can see the genuine love and care expressed in everyone’s faces here during the presentation . . . a moment that left me covered in goosebumps. What I appreciated deeply about being involved in this couple’s preparations AND the day-of experience was the profound sense of authenticity in their connection, as well as their gratitude for everyone surrounding them; the people who collectively influenced who they are today. They created a whole weekend experience for their guests and themselves; a series of events I could feel radiated with this appreciation and shared sense of connection.


Guest participation was very important to their custom wedding experience. The Bride’s parents came up together and her father read a message of thanks, along with the Lord’s Prayer. I led an ‘Asking’ and remembrance, where I asked both sets of families to please rise and offer their blessings and support to the couple. The Groom’s Aunt read a passage from Joseph Campbell about marriage. And to top it all off, the whole entire body of guests participated in a community toast after their first married kiss. Of course, there were non-alcoholic beverages involved for the young people, too! We all raised our glasses to toast “To Love and Happiness” based on a ritual the couple has shared together since they began dating.

toast setup

The theme that arose from the time I spent with them and their responses to my Couple Reflections was balancing each other with gentle hearts. I found the medieval idea of a ‘gentle heart’ entirely resonated with their bond. It is not a “fluffy starry-eyed kind of love” I shared during the ceremony, yet a “true and honorable commitment, a tenderly yielding and spacious kind of love.” The touchstone, for their partnership. It feels palpable in this gorgeously timeless photo, don’t you think?

Look of love!

Oh I could go on and on about the fabulousness of this ceremony experience – yet will stop myself there! I do believe everyone – including and most importantly, the Bride and Groom – had a most splendid time at this winter time celebration of family, commitment and love. Even though the weather became a tad dramatic in the afternoon, mother nature offered an unbelievable canvas for photos like this rooftop view.


As I look back over the past year, my heart is brimming over with gratitude for being a part of genuinely creative and expressive wedding celebrations like this one. Each completely unique. Every one a new experience for me as I co-create with aware and mindful couples stepping into marriage. And as I’m reflecting upon this particular wedding, I think winter may just be my favorite time of year for weddings in Tucson!

all guests