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Tucson Wedding Gem: MC Weddings & Events

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant® who co-creates custom ceremonies, I get to work with mature couples who are madly in love. Sounds crazy fun, right? Yes! It is a joy. Add that joy into working along side creative event professionals who love to exceed couples’ expectations and voila: double the joy.

Yikes. I’m sounding a bit like a certain candy bar commercial here, aren’t I? But, I can’t help myself! A central part of my work while creating ceremonies for unions of all kinds is working with talented professionals who are totally committed to their crafts. People who do this work to create a meaningful and fun experience, (not just a boring product or insipid outcome). Meagan Crain is one of those ‘committed to her craft’ kind of people. Through her business ‘MC Events’ she plans and coordinates a range of life milestone events for couples, families and even organizations. I’m so happy to highlight her, specifically her wedding services, on my blog today. I thoroughly enjoy working with Meagan and think you might too. Here’s a chat we had recently:

One of many happy couples who worked with Meagan!

~ One of many happy couples who worked with Meagan~

KB: As an experienced event planner and coordinator, what is your creative specialty?

MC: My creative specialty is making sure a wedding or event represents the client.  When guests walk into a ceremony or reception I want them to be able to immediately see little details that are special or unique to the couple.  The goal is to make sure the couple’s personalities and styles shine through the whole day!

On the creative level I also work with my clients on expanding their vision.  Typically, a bride has an overall idea of how she wants the day to look (e.g. colors), but she doesn’t know how to bring it all together or how to make it original so that’s what’s we work on together.  I feel that planning a wedding should be a collaboration between bride and groom with the planner tying it all together.  The main goal is to stay true to who the couple is so through inspiration boards, lots of communication and experimenting, we discover exactly how the day is going to look and feel.  Weddings should be an experience from start to finish!

KB: Who are your ideal clients? What do they enjoy about working with you?

MC: That’s a tough one!  My ideal wedding client is truly in love!  They’re fun, original and not afraid to try new things.  They’re up for experimenting with new ideas, colors, textures, foods, and so on, to create an experience not just an event.  It’s also nice if they’re a little flexible. It makes the process easier on everyone!

KB: Do you have any tips for couples or families to consider before they choose a wedding planner and/or coordinator?

MC: I definitely recommend hiring a wedding and event planner because they can be true life savers during the planning process by saving you time, money and a few stress headaches!  BUT, my number one tip for choosing a planner or any other vendor for that matter, is to make sure that they actually like who they hire.  Of course, it’s essential that their planner be organized, experienced, honest and so on, but I truly believe that the client and the vendor should “click.”  If during an initial consultation the planner has completely different ideas than the client or if they just seem to have very little to talk about I don’t think it’s a good fit.  Same goes for hiring a DJ or photographer – if they rub you the wrong way don’t hire them!  A bride and groom will literally spend all day with some of their vendors on the day of, so they should like and enjoy them.  If personalities clash or if everyone is not on the same page it will show through in the wedding.  A wedding is the most important day of couple’s life so they should surround themselves with people the love and enjoy – vendors included!

Meagan Crain of MC Events ~ doing what she does best behind the scenes!

Meagan Crain of MC Events ~ doing what she does best behind the scenes!

KB: Anything else you’d like to add?

MC: I’m blessed to be planning events in Tucson and I’m a firm believer in using as many amazing, local vendors, businesses and resources as possible.  Being chosen as someone’s wedding or event planner is truly an honor and I do my very best to create a fun, stress free, memorable experience for all involved!

Meagan Crain logo color with oval border final

KB: Thanks for your insights, Meagan. You’ve touched upon a lot of helpful points. When a couple makes choices about who they work with in the planning leading up to and then the experience of the whole wedding celebration itself, these are important decisions that influence how much they enjoy a very important day in their lives. It is an honor and a joy to be chosen as part of their creative team. So true!

If you want to learn more about Meagan’s services at MC Weddings & Events,  visit her site here or give her a call! I’m sure she will enjoy hearing from you.

Holiday Engagement? Getting married in the New Year?

My heartfelt congratulations goes out to you both. Let the planning adventures begin!

Planning for a wedding is exciting and a little daunting all at once, right? Whether you are keeping it simple by holding your celebration in your backyard or going full out with a big guest list at a special venue, the ceremony is an important piece of the planning puzzle.

Sure. I might be biased! Because at Sweetgrass Ceremonies, I devote  my energy to co-creating and leading completely custom ceremonies for couples and families. I work with my clients to reflect their stories, beliefs and values during a wedding ceremony that uplifts and connects everyone present.

As I look back on 2013, I am grateful to have co-created and led 47 custom wedding ceremonies. Since each couple and their respective ceremony is so unique, my work is a complete joy. Of course, there are some similar elements threaded throughout. Essential elements like declaring intent, pledging vows and exchanging rings are expressed in authentic and relevant ways by my clients, in their own words. So it is new. And real . . . every time I am in ceremony.

As I look ahead to 2014, I am curious what the year will hold and excited I already have weddings booked with super interesting couples throughout the winter and spring. Based on my past experiences and knowing who I hope to serve in the future, I offer these tips for you as you begin envisioning your ceremony:

1) Brainstorm phrases to describe how you want your ceremony to look and feel – for you and your guests. A wedding ceremony is a shared experience for you and the people you hold dear. Before I meet with prospective clients I like to ask: “What four words or phrases describe how you want to feel during your ceremony?” We discuss these when we meet. The phrases become like compass points for us as we co-create the full text, choreography and therefore EXPERIENCE. A recent example from last week: warm, funny, loving and romantic.

Jake and Sarah's words were "fun, lighthearted, family important, true to our values" (photo by Neal Krueser)

Jake and Sarah’s words were “fun, lighthearted, family important, true to our values” (courtesy Neal Kreuser)

2) Create the setting that fits your vision. Even if you’ve already chosen your location or venue . . . you can fine tune the setting based on what you hope to experience. Seating arrangement is a big one here. Have you considered setting chairs in a clam shell, circular or labyrinth pattern? If you only have a handful of guests, what if they stood in a circle or semi-circle around you? Most of the time my clients are holding ceremonies outdoors with an array of possibilities for the setting. Maybe a central oak tree becomes the ‘altar’ or the view of a pond or waterfall is an important backdrop. If you choose a setting outside of a church, there is no need to set the chairs in straight rows like pews. Go ahead, BE CREATIVE!

Lauren & Dave chose to marry under the wing of a plane last spring!

Lauren & Dave chose to marry under the wing of a plane last spring!

3) Determine who is your best guide for leading this experience. When you do the exploration of items one and two above . . .who do you see standing beside you to lead the ceremony? Is it a friend or relative you’ve known for decades? Might be.

Me at a fall wedding at Tubac Golf Resort (courtesy Steven Palm Photography)

Me at a fall wedding at Tubac Golf Resort (courtesy Steven Palm Photography)

Or is it someone who is trained in the art of composing and leading ceremonies – a Life-Cycle Celebrant® like me? Chances are if you are not affiliated with a church and want a meaningful ceremony, neither a minister nor a judge will fit the bill. That’s where I can come in, or someone with similar training. I help you find the ‘middle way’ into a truly custom experience on your wedding day that reflects your values and what you hope to experience.

I hope this has been helpful.Something I truly enjoy is meeting with couples during a no-obligation chat to see if we would be a good fit. As I listen and hear what they wish their ceremony to be like, I learn if my services would help them achieve and exceed their hopes. As we talk about how we work together, relief washes over their faces and a happy ease sets in. Could this be you? I’d love to connect and find out! Feel free to contact me via the contact form on my blog, email or call. You can also read more here about my services and see testimonials.